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Thinking about hiring a handyman? We’re not surprised. Today’s homeowners are busier than ever. It used to be that spending a few hours or the weekend fixing something was relaxing and somehow felt rewarding. But most of us are working even longer hours at work and have more family obligations than ever before. So you do what is logical: hire a handyman to make your chore list shorter!

There are many chores a handyman can take off of your overworked hands. Keep in mind that not every “Honey Do” chore can be done by every handyman. A handyman is not a contractor – typically they are not licensed (it depends on what state and county you are in) – these professionals are best for fix-it projects that might be a bit too much for the everyday person but not quite enough to call a contractor or other home improvement professional.

Here are some examples of fix-it projects handyman can do for you. 101 to be exact. So get ready to cross them off your list and to have a beautiful home!



Hang porch light

Paint porch

Fix porch swing

Assemble porch swing

Hang porch swing

Move heavy planters in or outside, depending on season

Move “junky” items off the porch and take to the junkyard

Hang holiday lights and decorations for the holidays or changing of the seasons

Paint “touch ups” to the porch to fix scuff marks on the porch where people walk or play

Stack firewood on the porch, ready to bring inside



Rake leaves

Tidy yard of clutter, fallen branches, etc., especially after a storm

Remove junk from the garden and take to the junkyard

Decorate the garden for the holidays with twinkling lights and seasonal decorations

Build a treehouse

Put up a swing set

Repair children’s play equipment

Fix a mosaic outdoor decoration

Clean the “gunk” out of an outdoor pond and fill it with fresh water

Chop a tree for firewood



Paint garage door

Paint window trim

Paint shutters

Fix a broken window

Fix a broken door

Add a pet door to the front or back door

Clean the gutters

Remove old stickers or security seals from windows

Remove graffiti

Fix a missing shutter on the roof or brick on the chimney

Remove an old bird’s nest



Remove an old light fixture

Add a new light fixture

Retile a floor

Put down seal for a wood floor to make it shine and be long lasting

Move heavy furniture into other rooms

Fix a broken lightbulb in a light fixture

Paint the ceiling in the front hall

Polish brass fixtures

Fix the doorbell

Install a new doorbell or door chime



Re-arrange furniture so you can try a new style in the room

Hang curtains or window treatments

Take down old curtains or window treatments

Fix window treatments

Fix a sleeper sofa

Fix a wooden desk

Plaster and paint over a crack in the wall

Move an indoor tree to another part of the room or home

Remove a troublesome stain from a rug

Get rid of old furniture

Help you put together new furniture for the living room



Fix the legs of the dining room table

Get a nail out of the dining room floor

Resand the dining room floor

Repaint the dining room’s trim and ceiling

Dust the ceiling and remove the cobwebs you can’t reach

Fix the window that won’t open properly

Add an air conditioner to the room

Add a fan to the light fixture

Hang a painting in the room

Build a Lazy Susan for you to put on the table to pass items



Move the refrigerator out so you can check the back of it and clean behind it

Change the sink faucet fixture

Restain the kitchen table and chairs so they better match the room

Hang new curtains in the room

Install new cabinets

Help remove clutter from the kitchen so it can be thrown away – before or after you move

Add a shelf to a window above the sink so you can grow herbs

Create a bookshelf for your cookbooks

Repaint the kitchen



Put together a playpen

Put together a dollhouse or other children’s toys

Move heavy furniture into or out of the family room

Take up the rug

Restain the wood floor

Put down a new floor rug

Install a flat screen TV

Install an entertainment system

Install a music system

Baby proof or childproof the room



Paint the room with stencils to decorate with a design

Paint a dresser and changing table to match the room

Put together a crib

Hang curtains or window treatments

Add a lighting fixture

Put in a baby monitor system

Clean out the room before you make it the baby’s room

Add a closet organizing system to hang tiny clothes properly

Create shelves to easily sort toys and stuffed animals and books



Move antique furniture into the room

Rearrange furniture in the room if you’d like to try a new style

Touch up the paint in the room from the trim and closet doors

Add a dimmer to your light

Create under the bed storage system

Remove heavy or hard to carry clutter and take it to the junkyard

Put together new furniture

Restain or add sealant to wood floor

Add more space to your closets