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Do you long to make a dramatic change to the exterior of your home, to approve its aesthetic and curb appeal in a matter of just a few days? By having new siding installed home owners can achieve exactly that.

From the dependability and low maintenance of vinyl siding to the textured elegance of cedar shingle and the timeless appeal of wood clapboard, there is a home siding material to suit every home owner’s  taste and every design aesthetic. Here are some of the more popular home siding options for your consideration.

Vinyl Siding

These days vinyl siding is probably the single most popular material in home siding and for some very good reasons. Modern vinyl siding is crafted from tough PVC plastic and, unlike wood, it won’t rot nor will it flake like cedar shingle. It is inexpensive to purchase, quick to install and comes in a rainbow of different color options.

On the downside though even the very best vinyl siding tends to begin to crack and look dull in as little as three to five years. Environmentalists are not the biggest fans of vinyl siding either, as it produces hazardous byproducts; it will release toxic chemicals when burned, making it difficult to dispose of and a potential serious danger to the whole neighborhood in the event of a house fire.

Aluminum Siding

Many contractors feel that aluminum siding is a bit of an old fashioned option these days and it has been almost totally eclipsed by the popularity of its cheaper vinyl cousin. The advantages that aluminum does still offer though is that it will not crack over time and it is virtually fireproof.

Seamless Steel Siding

Steel siding is certainly tough and it resists shrinking and expanding caused by temperature fluctuations that can affect other materials. On the other hand, some find its appearance rather plain, although you can find many imitation wood offerings that are rather appealing.

Cedar Shingle Siding

An American classic, cedar shingle siding blends beautifully with wooded landscapes and waterfronts and can give a home a whole new character.

Traditional cedar shingle siding is crafted from natural woods that have often been stained to resemble other earth tones like green, brown and gray. The biggest complaints people have about cedar shingle siding is its tendency to crack or flake as well as it having a certain propensity for mold.

Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber cement siding can take on the appearance of wood, stucco or masonry and is both fire proof and termite proof. Fiber cement is durable and for many homeowners is a real cost effective alternative to wood that looks almost as good as the real thing.

Wood Clapboard Siding

Although there are all these other siding options, wooden clapboard remains the siding of choice for the more expensive homes across the country. It may surprise you to know that when properly installed and well maintained  – the occasional staining, a power wash once a year – wood clapboard siding can outlast vinyl by decades.


References: Home Siding Options By Ursula K Rose available under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0.