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One of the most popular remodeling projects in a new home is to redo the bathroom. It’s often a great way to add your unique style and look to a house, while staying within a lower budget compared to adding new rooms or redoing the kitchen. If bathroom remodeling is at the top of your “to do” list, then you’ll want to know how to make this project simply like a dream!

It used to be that home owners were far more limited when looking for bathroom ideas. Today there are top quality websites, dedicated to creating a beautiful home. Other sources to consider are taking a look at what people you know are doing and to read the shelter/home/DIY magazines. Take photos or save the articles that you especially enjoy as they may start to point you in the direction of what you want for your home.

To remodel bathroom, here are 5 recommended sites to bookmark!

Pinterest https://pinterest – You will need to sign up for an account to view all of the “pins” (images) here. Save them by “pinning” them to your boards to gather your inspiration ideas.

HGTV – This is a large home improvement site and their section on creating Bathrooms does not disappoint.

BGH (Better Homes & Gardens) – You may be familiar with the popular Better Homes & Gardens magazine. They have a website too. You’ll see bathroom ideas here.

Apartment Therapy – You’ll especially want to check out this site if you are looking for ideas or bathroom vanities for condos, co-ops or small homes and spaces.

Houzz – If you are working with a real estate agent, chances are they simply love this site! You’ll find lots of inspiration here to get you started.

Tips to finding a great contractor for the job:

#1: Ask friends, family & people you know for recommendations. But do so with a grain of salt: keep in mind that everyone’s personality, tastes and style in their home can be a bit different. We all have that person in our life who is “always” happy or complaining about something – so you can imagine what happens if you ask them to recommend a professional.

#2: Talk to at least several contractors before hiring one. We know and completely understand that if your bathroom has bright orange wallpaper and fixtures from the 1960’s, you are aching for a remodel! But take the time to meet with a few to talk about bathroom remodeling before you say the magic words, “you’re hired!”

#3: Have a budget & an idea of what you want done before you meet with a contractor. Yes, it can be very overwhelming to get out there and start looking at all of the bathroom ideas that exist! But start by creating a budget that works for you and think about what your family needs and would like for this space. That will help you make the most of this meeting.

#4: Always check that your contractor has the proper licenses and dig a bit deeper too. See what their record with the Better Business Bureau and local or county Chamber of Commerce is. If you are uncertain what licenses they should have, ask your real estate agent, the BBB or a local government office.

#5: Contact the references they give you. When it’s time to remodel bathroom, don’t rush to hire but go make the calls and see exactly what the people they’ve worked for have said. Ask questions about if they’ve done the work within the budget and on time. It might surprise you to know that many contractors who offer references – some people never bother to contact them!

Getting your bathroom done takes patience, work and effort. But just imagine: in a few months you’ll open that door to see a beautiful room that you were dreaming about. It’s a moment that makes every homeowner smile. You can proudly show it to friends and family. So get started on your bathroom remodel project – you’ll be done soon!