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Okay, none of us wants to miss our favorite TV shows. Whether you like to keep up with Game of Thrones or Big Bang Theory, we all have characters and stories we look forward to watching every week. TV is fun, entertaining and simply something to do to relax at the end of a hard day’s work.

But today there are more choices than ever about how to get your TV. Two of the most popular are satellite or cable. So which do you think would be better for your family? There are benefits and disadvantages to each, everyone’s situation is unique. Let’s talk about what makes satellite and cable TV a great choice for so many.

Satellite TV

Most likely, quite a few of your neighbors have satellite TV. This is a very popular choice for your fun entertainment value. With satellite TV, a satellite dish is installed on your roof. This brings the transmission from the satellite so you can enjoy great TV entertainment value.

Benefits: Satellite is a favorite in part because it is cheaper than many of the other choices to sign up for a TV service. It certainly in more budget friendly than cable TV. You also get an excellent value for the money you spend. Satellite TV viewers often find they have access to between 200 and 400 TV channels, a phenomenal number of choices when you’d like to find that next, great TV show!

Disadvantages: One challenge with satellite TV is simply that you have to keep an eye on the satellite dish on your roof. If there is a storm that comes along, with a lot of wind then you need to be sure the dish doesn’t get knocked over. Most satellite companies are great about securing the satellites and they have expert technicians install them. But as a homeowner you do need to understand that the dish may knock over if there is a storm like a hurricane or tropical storm.

Cable TV

This is a classic and somewhat old-fashioned way to get your TV channels delivered to you. The cable company will send a technician to your home who will install a box on your television sets, which is attached to a cable. The cable delivers the connection to the TV shows. The box connects – wirelessly – to a remote control so you can easily select which TV show you would like to watch next.

Benefits: Some cable TV watchers have found that they have some channels satellite doesn’t, like local channels for your region or county. If you want to stay updated on community news, then this could be important to you. Or perhaps there are sports or entertainment channels that are not carried by satellite TV. Please note: before signing up with any TV service, we recommend you always check with channels they have so you can watch your favorite shows!

Disadvantages: Cable TV is more expensive than satellite. You’re always going to pay more, simply to watch the same television shows. Homeowners also find that they get less TV channels in their cable TV package than if they chose a satellite TV package.

Whether you select satellite TV or cable TV, we hope you always enjoy your favorite TV show in your beautiful home!