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Most homeowners are house proud and want their homes to look as good as it can. But they also want to save money if it is possible. One home improvement you’ll want to take a look at are solar panels. We bet they are not what you think they are.

The first thing you should know is that solar panels have changed. A lot. Everyone knows that solar panels are a clean source of energy, powering your home with the heat of the sun. But homeowners have found the aesthetic look of the panels unappealing and disappointing. Most importantly, it is a concern to consider if you are thinking about putting your house on the real estate market. After all, everyone is well aware of “curb appeal” and that a home should look it’s very best.

Today you can have the best of both worlds. If you have been curious about solar power, you’ll be pleased to know that more than ever before this is a great way to bring clean energy to your home and also to save money. Homeowners will also be thrilled to discover that new, updated solar panels for roofs have been created that look terrific. They are called solar shingles and are sleek, sophisticated and elegant. If you drive through the most upscale part of your community, don’t be surprised if you see these shingles on some of the homes! Best of all, the shingles are discrete, subtle and easily compliment a home’s architectural design. So there is little worry about trying to weigh your desire to go solar versus having a home that sticks out like a sore thumb on the block.

Dow is just one of the companies making solar shingles, they are called Dow Powerhouse. To give you a sense of how helpful this project can be to your homeowner’s budget long-term, Dow estimates that for every dollar you invest in your shingles and solar roof, you will receive $4 back. That’s wonderful for any homeowner to hear – and certainly not something that happens with most home improvement projects. Quite a few of them wind up continuing to cost you money instead of putting it back into your pocket.

Keep in mind that solar power does not simply work day-by-day. So if you have a cloudy and rainy day, you don’t have to fuss and worry that you won’t be able to turn on the lights in the home. Extra solar energy is stored up, to be used as it is needed. Many solar systems also recommend that you connect to a backup electrical system as well so your needs are always met.

Solar panels now are much more elegant than they were even just 5 years ago. If you want to harness the power of the sun, to save money and to use clean energy in your home then this is one of the best times to do so. You can still be house-proud too, every time you look at your roof.

Take a look at solar energy to see how it can help you and your family!