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As warmer weather comes, most homeowners are creating longer and longer home chore lists. Sometimes called “Honey Do Lists,” small fix-it projects often top the list. But not every homeowner has the skills or even the time to get these done. That’s why having a great handyman is so helpful!

Let’s talk about where you can find someone to help you cross things off this list:

Start by asking family, friends and people you know. Don’t forget to ask your neighbors, even if you don’t know all of them like close friends. They may have used a great handyman who works in your area and this can be a good way to find them.

If you are new to the area, try asking your real estate agent. The person who sold you your home quite likely has a list of all types of professionals they turn to while getting homes ready to be on the market. Even if you’ve lived in the house for six months or so, it still could be a great idea to give your agent a call for a recommendation, they would be happy to help you.

Ask other professional home repair service people that you’ve hired. For example, if you hired a landscaper or a painter, either of these professionals could know about a handyman.

Before you hire a handyman, do a few things:

Go through your home and make a list of the fix-it projects that need to get done. Take photos on your cell if you can, so you can send them to the person while talking to them.

Group the projects according to skills. For example you may realize that you need pictures hung in several rooms of the house. Or that you have several mini painting jobs, like fixing the trim on the shutters and painting the garage door.

Decide on what your budget is for these chores. But do remember if you have moved to a new part of the country that handyman (like other service professionals) may be paid more. If you are uncertain, ask one of your new neighbors or your real estate agent.

To hire a handyman:

Contact the handymen you have been referred to. Ask them if they have the required skills to do the fix-it jobs on your list. For example, if you need someone to caulk your tub and shower, it is ideal to find someone who has experience doing this. If you need a handyman to put in a light fixture, it is better to get one who has done this before.

Ask about their rates and also their schedule. When could they expect to get your jobs completed?

Unless you were referred to a handyman by someone you know, you may also want to ask for a reference. Check their references.

Depending on your list of fix-it chores, you may actually wind up hiring more than one handyman, because not every person has the same skills needed to get a job done. One may have experience putting in a light fixture and another may be good at painting.

Schedule the work to be done and be glad you can check something off your chores list!