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Unless you are moving into the same neighborhood, relocating to a new home involves the task of looking into new service providers, including cable TV, satellite TV, Internet providers (high-speed or dialup), home phone, and utilities. In most cases, you’ll want to compare companies in order to obtain the best service or the cheapest price.

Going the Traditional Route

Before you actually make your move, you should contact local service providers to arrange for hookup to your new home. While you will need to wait until you move in for the actual connection, it is possible to make the arrangements ahead of time. Doing so helps you to avoid some of the stress and frustration that this process can create. After all, you already have enough to do with unpacking and figuring out the best route to work, the stores, and your child’s school.

A few disadvantages of using the traditional method of calling around from one service company to the next add to the frustration of this process. Long time waits and accidental disconnections can increase the time that it takes to find available service providers for your new home address.

To simplify the process, follow these steps:

1.      Make a list of all of the companies that you wish to call along with phone numbers.

2.      Begin calling two weeks prior to your move.

3.      Make notes next to each company that you call.

4.      Cross out each company that you decide against and make a note of the day and time that each connection is scheduled to occur.

How to Set Up Service with Utility Companies

You can call the utility companies directly and provide the starting date for your service to ensure that you have service when you arrive. This includes electricity, gas, and water. In some cases, you can transfer all of the utilities from the seller’s name to the buyer’s name at settlement.

Using an Online Service for Home Connections for Cable TV or Satellite TV

One-stop shopping for a TV provider is quick, easy, and relatively painless. Websites like allow you to enter your zip code in order to see a list of all cable television providers at that location. This is a free service, so you don’t need to put any money up front. There’s no obligation to choose a TV provider based upon the results of your search.

Using an Online Service for Home Connections forInternet Service Providers

If you want to compare rates for Internet providers in your location, you can use a search engine with the words “Internet service providers + your zip code.” A few websites are set up to do the work for you, and you can use them for a fast and easy search. For example, the website allows you to compare Internet providers in your area using just your zip code. The search results include available Internet providers offering cable connections, satellite connections, DSL connections, and fiber connections. The results provide the download speed, monthly price, and the time commitment needed to obtain the specified rates.